Creative Advertising & Selling Techniques Are More Then Eye Candy


Creative advertising & selling techniques are not just how you can make someone look twice… there is in fact so much more to it! What about…

  • Targeted Audience
  • Split Testing
  • Traffic

Creative advertising & selling technique #1 – Target Audience

You can have the best adcopy, the most amazing graphics but if no one is interested in the offer or even worse, no one sees the offer… well it kind of is a waste. Before you design one image, write one word of copy or anything else, you NEED to know who your target audience is and how you are going to get your message in from on them. That way you can focus your message specific to that audience.

Creative advertising & selling technique #2 – Split Testing

Do not just create one ad… or banner or one sales letter… you NEED to test. We often thing we know what the audience wants and yet we forget that we are biased. We are biased because we want the sale… and we have buy in… but i can tell you more then once… in fact EVERYTIME, I have been shocked by the results of a split test. It might be price, a headline or a slight color change, the point is you want to have lots of testing take place.

Creative advertising & selling technique #3 – Traffic

This is really where the rubber hits the road. You can know your audience, have lots of testing ready to go but you need traffic. You need to get your message out to the masses… and the bottom line is to do that it is either going to cost you money or time… sometimes both.

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