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by Jason


At the center of the seemingly overnight success of the Empower Network affiliate program is the Empower Network Blog.

I have been a member of the program for a number of months now and things are really starting to take off. Initially I struggled to make money online for a whole 2 years. I kept jumping between programs and nothing worked.

It was not until I focused my efforts with Empower Network that I started to see success and I now make my full-time income from home with this.

You can find out how I did that as part of my Empower Network.

The following are the most important benefits of blogging with Empower:

Blogging System – The Empower Network Blogging System provides you with a pre-formatted Word Press site that has links to other social networking sites. In short, much of the technical stuff has been taken cared of for you. All that is left for you to do is to blog. The blogging system is user friendly and those who are familiar with Word Press should not have a problem with it. However, those who are new to blogging may need a little bit of a learning curve to familiarize themselves with the various features of the blogging system. But worry not because the blogging platform is user friendly and intuitive. The best part is the network has a dedicated section on its support site that covers all aspects and every question you may want to ask regarding the system.

Compensation Plan – The Empower Network Compensation Plan is one of the few (if there are any others) that give out 100% commission on the first sale. In fact, this is what basically draws people’s attention to it. But, there’s more to the compensation plan than meets the eye. It is perhaps the only company that pays out commissions instantly and it means the very second a customer pay out for his subscription. The company also has a well laid out plan that allows you to build a huge monthly residual income of up to $164,025 if you get 6 people to enroll in the program initially. This is because aside from getting 100% commissions from them, you’d also get full commissions from the people they recruit, specifically on the 2nd, 4th, 6th and every 5th one thereafter. For a $25 affiliate program, the income potential is simply staggering.

Live Events – An Empower Network Event is something every affiliate should look forward to. It is always a great opportunity to be able to mingle with the
Income Potential – What makes the Empower Network Income unique from other networking plans is the 100% commissions it gives for the first generation sales and the fact that it is paid instantly. This means the very second someone subscribe and pays and subscribes through your link you get credited immediately. But, there is more to the Empower Network Income that beats all other networking opportunities. When the people you have signed up start recruiting too you get 100% commission too on their 2nd, 4th, and 6th sign ups and every 5th sign up thereafter. The more you recruit the higher your commissions will be. The more active your recruits are in recruiting their own down line, the bigger your residual income becomes. The income potential is simply unlimited.
network’s cream of the crop and learn their secrets to success. It is also a great time for bonding with your peers and down line as well as with your up line. Making money online should never be a lonely quest. With Empower Network, it will always be a team activity with everyone pitching in to help each other out in order to gain the degree of success they wanted. So never pass up any chance to Gel into the Empower Network community and make it a point to attend every Empower Network event whenever possible.

For more information on how I am progressing with Empower Network and to find out how to join our Dream Team, visit my Honest Empower Network Review.

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