Wi-Fi Advertising – A Good Tool For Businesses

by Jason


Nowadays it has become harder to reach customers with advertising messages. Wi-Fi advertising is becoming more popular than television, magazines, radio and newspapers. Because of Wi-Fi popularity, most universities, resorts, restaurants, malls among others provide Wi-Fi. This widespread increase of Wi-Fi technology has presented a new concept of Wi-Fi advertising. The popularity of the many devices that provide Wi-Fi functionality has increased the need for people to enjoy getting connected whenever they wish to and anywhere they need to for either business, personal or even entertainment reasons.

Wi-Fi advertising can be utilized by any company today. This means that anybody who is logging on to your Wi-Fi will first see your advertisement details on their screen. This is a really effective tool of advertising and it can be utilized anywhere if there is Wi-Fi available.

The Working Procedure Of Wi-Fi Advertising

You can put Wi-Fi advertising to many uses. The main idea of this advertising is to set up proximity broadcast at many places. You should think about a way you can target consumers when they are shopping. If for example you are selling a particular product in a store, you have to ensure that you remind your clients via posts to keep their Wi-Fi on in order to receive your special messages.


The idea of proximity advertising is better explained by means of examples. If you are a real estate agent you can utilize this network to send gif animations to people and inform them more about the details of your properties. It would also be a great idea to send the visitors your business card that contains your business details such as your opening hours, telephone number and a link to your website.

Shopping Malls

The majority of shops like to send deals and discounts to customers. This can also be done using wifi marketing because when clients search for wireless networks, they will most likely find your shop and also get access to the screen exhibiting an advert or a discount voucher. You can utilize this technology to send information to iPhone, android, iPod and other Wi-Fi enabled devices. This will help you in targeting a wider range of users.


A customer may want to know more about a particular car for sale. You can utilize your Wi-Fi marketing system to provide this information. When a customer connects to your Wi-Fi, a screen will show up on their device giving the details of your special deals. A client who might have had a lot of doubts about purchasing one vehicle might buy some other vehicle just for this reason.

Wi-Fi advertising can also help in limiting the costs of running company, which would be financially beneficial for your business. It is surprisingly cheaper compared to other forms of marketing. Overall, Wi-Fi is a very powerful form of advertisement and businesses will find it very helpful to utilize Wi-Fi so long as they can determine exclusive special deals and use the correct people to help in their marketing campaigns.

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